Audi Introduces A Fully Customizable Dash Board

In terms of in vehicle goodies, more is almost always better. And when you can choose to have more at one point, and less a little later, you really have no room to complain. This is why when companies like Futuremark team up with Audi, the results are both amazing and completely satisfying.

Futuremark is a graphics company based in California that was contracted by Audi to develop and produce and actively changing in dash GPS and HUD system. The final product is nothing less than amazing and can be completely customized by the consumer depending on the specific needs at any given time.

Everything you would normally see on the gauge cluster can be seen on the HUD or you can keep is simple by just showing a tachometer and a speedometer. If you prefer a dark on light color scheme, more power to you. Light on dark? Just as easy. The entire system can be altered right down to the finest detail just to keep you happy.

The system is set to go on display at the upcoming NVISION Technology Show in San Jose, CA. Audi plans to begin implementing the system into their lineup, beginning with the SUV's, after the testing is done of course.

From : CrunchGear

Sep 5, 2008
by Anonymous