Audi Performing Full Scale Testing of Travolution Technology…Showing Promising Results

Vehicle communication technology is nothing new to the industry. Many companies have been working to develop fully integrated systems that would allow vehicles to talk to other nearby, as well as to the surrounding traffic infrastructure. Audi's version of this technology, called Travolution, is now being extensively tested on the streets of Germany and is apparently yielding some very impressive data.

Audi Travolution Information ScreenAudi Travolution Information Screen

The Travolution System is actually a handful of different systems and technologies all rolled into a catchy title. Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications are the foundation of the Travolution package. The vehicle-to-infrastructure portion of the system will allow your car or SUV to communicate with the surrounding traffic lights and determine the color of the light.

By calculating speed and location relative to the traffic light, the system is able to provide feedback that will help drivers avoid unnecessary stops. Two of the 15 test vehicles are also using a new Adaptive Cruise Control system that is able to manipulate the speed of the vehicle automatically to avoid having to stop at traffic lights.

Audi Travolution FleetAudi Travolution Fleet

About 150 traffic lights have been equipped with the proper electronics to communicate with the Audi Test Fleet. While testing hasn't been going on very long, Audi has released that the number of traffic signal stops has gone from every fourth light to every fifth light. While this doesn't seem like too much, the average fuel savings equates to about 17%.

Audi is planning on continuing the test to see is any improvements can be made before the system goes into production.