Audi Planning More than Just One e-Tron Variant for the Future

Since first being introduced a few months back, the Audi e-Tron has received quite a bit of attention from both journalists and consumers alike. While Audi has kept the details scarce, they have been willing to talk about future uses of the e-Tron name. Now, the German based automaker has let it slip that they have more vehicle planned for the e-Tron lineup.

The first to see production will be the high performance R8 e-Tron, slated for around 100 units in the first run. The engineers are planning on using the feedback from this initial group of vehicles to help tweak the next series, expected to reach about 1000 examples annually. Specifically, the design team is interested in how well torque is delivered, how much noise will be audible inside the cabin, and how the R8 e-Tron performs on a day-to-day basis.

The next vehicle likely to enter production, although nothing is official as of yet, would be the smaller R4 e-Tron introduced earlier this year at the North American International Auto Show. The R4 e-Tron uses to small electric motors, electronically synched to prevent problems, which develop just over 200 horsepower when combined.

If neither of these strikes your fancy, a quote from Audi's general manager of product planning may offer some light at the end of the tunnel: "You can assume we'll have not just one but two or three or even more electric cars."

More information is expected as the year progresses.

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