AUDI R8 Inspires A Raceboat

The Audi R8 has been hailed as one of the best supercars ever made since hitting the streets in 2007, which is most likely why someone wanted to have a custom racing boat designed around it. The best part? The company may put the design into limited production.

First off, whoever thought of this is a genius. That being said, the design came from a Swedish design and engineering firm called Vizualtech. They were contacted by an enthusiast from Dubai who requested they design a boat that was loosely based around the body of an Audi R8. The result was a catamaran that is, to say the least, visually stunning.

To power the Biocat R8, Vizualtech engineered the watercraft to house either a V10 Biodiesel or a pair of V8s that produce 320hp each. Whichever they choose, a top speed of at least 110mph has been promised.

One look at the body and it is very clear where it came from. Some of the other design elements that were borrowed from the R8 include the cockpit and gauge cluster. A set of gullwing doors were added in favor of the traditional doors for obvious reasons.

Vizualtech hasn't confirmed if the Biocat R8 will reach production or not, but they have said the person who commissioned the design is very pleased with the concept so far. If it does get put into production, you should see the first one on the water by the end of 2009.

Via : Motor Authority