Audi Takes on Traffic Lights

Red Lights; The worst enemy of almost every driver in the world. Not to mention they force you to sit there and burn your precious fuel without getting anything out of it. Audi decided that the almighty light has reigned too long and plans on taking them out of the equation.

No they aren't going to remove stop lights from intersections completely, but they are testing a system that will help you to miss as many of them as possible. The system will use data from specially equipped traffic lights and then compute the exact speed you need to maintain to get through without having to stop.

The intersection will relay the timer information to the approaching vehicle. Assuming you have enough time in the first place, the program will tell you to slow down due the light already being red, maintain speed or speed up if a change is imminent. Obviously this isn't an open offer to go speeding through the middle of town just to miss a red light, although I feel sure some will use it as such.

The system will also be able to adjust the timers in the intersection to optimize light changes at different times of the day. With less stop and go traffic fuel consumption will decrease as will pollution and in many cases, road rage.

The system is currently being tested in Audi's hometown of Ingolstadt.

From : Kicking Tires