Audiovox “Home Base” Hi-Tech Dry-Erase Refrigerator Reminder Board with LCD Display

Technology in our home is becoming more and more hi-tech everyday. Even those little dry-erase marker boards for your refrigerator are getting a hi-tech overhaul thanks to the Audiovox Home Base system which adds a 7 inch LCD display with audio and visual communications capabilities.

With the Audiovox Home Base, you'll not only be able to write down messages for your family members, but you'll also be able to record short videos with sound. The Home Base has a small built-in camera and microphone which allows you to record video messages for yourself or your family. The Home Base has 512 MB of built-in memory, but you can substitute your favorite USB flash drive if you would like.
Audiovox Home Base with 7 inch LCD displayAudiovox Home Base with 7 inch LCD display

One of the coolest features of the Audiovox Home Base is the calendar function which allows you to record messages to be displayed on future dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates.

The only downside to the Home Base is that it is powered by AC, which means that you'll have to plug in the device at the nearest AC outlet. This leaves an ugly cord running across your refrigerator, but Audiovox has created a solution to this problem by including some cord covers that make it look a little bit neater.

The Audiovox Home Base will be in stores starting on Mother's Day (possible gift idea?). Prices start at $149 for an audio-only unit, and $199 for the audio and video unit with the 7 inch LCD display.

Source: DVICE

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