Audi’s All Electric Vehicle Will Not Be A1 Based

The rumors about Audi's all electric vehicle have been around for a while now and until just recently, they were just rumors. However, during a Q and A session at the Paris Motor Show Audi confirmed that they were in fact working on developing their own electric vehicle and they went on to share a few more details.

One of the most interesting pieces of information about the new EV was that it will not be based on the Audi A1. The A1 was also being displayed in Paris and production plans are being developed for the next year or two. So where will Audi be getting the platform for the new vehicle?

Audi wouldn't give up that information, but many people are guessing the donor will be the Volkswagen Up! which was introduced back at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2007. Removing the engine and installing a battery and some electric motors shouldn't be a challenge, but with no official word from Audi it seems pointless to get excited just yet.

Source : Jalopnik