Audi's Second E-Tron Could Be Next Generation R4

At last year's Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi introduced the high performance all electric E-Tron Concept to the world. Since then, they have been working on a similar vehicle that could serve as a starting point for Audi's upcoming Plug-In Hybrid Lineup.

The new concept, which has also been named the E-Tron, is smaller and lighter than the previous concept. It also sports a very different design as compared to the first generation. The original concept featured Audi's signature all wheel drive Quattro system, which will not be present on the new E-Tron. In place, Audi will be using two separate motors to power only the rear wheels.

To make sure the maximum amount of energy can get to the ground, the new E-Tron uses a complex computer algorithm that will keep the rear wheels from spinning. The system will also correct understeer and oversteer during high speed cornering.

The Lithium Ion battery stack weights in at 880lbs and cranks out 204 horsepower. When driven carefully, it can provide enough power to keep the new E-Tron going for up to 155 miles. It can also push the concept to 60mph in about 5.1 seconds.

As with the first concept, there is no official word on if or when the new E-Tron will hit production.

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