Augmented Reality & Layar Give Rolling Stones' Fans A Lot Of Satisfaction

One of the oldest performing rock bands in the world is ironically the first to launch an Augmented Reality campaign with Layar for their latest album. Don't think the Rolling Stones are ready to hang up their electric guitars just yet - in fact, they're out-pacing some of the performing groups half their age by embracing one of the hottest new technologies of the day.

To promote the Stone's campaign called 'Exile on Your St' (and  commemorating the re-lease of 'Exile On Main St' originally released in 1972), the band worked in collaboration with Augment Reality out of the UK and Polydor Records who utilized the Layar platform to create a one-of-kind app. The app that can be downloaded on iPhones (3GS & iPhone 4) and Droid smartphones comes complete with a track of your choice and the ability to create a virtual poster on billboards, workplaces, famous landmarks or even in your own backyard.

Stones Augmented Reality Web site screen shotStones Augmented Reality Web site screen shot

Once a virtual poster is laid down by one user, other users with the same app will be able to view the virtual posters wherever they were place in the real world - via their smartphone viewers. They will also be able to attach a 30 second audio clip from the album's 28 tracks to image. Since Layar is a location-based social network service it allows users within a 2km radius to view the posters, listen to the clips and add their own comments.

Exile on Your Street is also available as a Web site and Facebook app which will let you leave posters for your friends anywhere in the world – using a map to drop the posters and songs where you want them. Facebook has currently over 1.4 million Stone's fans registered on their fan page.

The 18 available posters come from a selection of photographs taken by Dominic Tarlé during the Stones’ stay in Nellcôte, France in the early 1970s, when they recorded Exile on Main Street.

Exile on Your Street is just one of more than 1,000 publisher Layar layers. Currently, the company announced it now has an active user base of more than 716,000 people, and 4,000 developers creating content.

So don't count the Stones out just yet… they got a lot of life left in them - whether you catch them in a live performance or during an 'augmented' stroll into a neighborhood that is populated with Stones' fans!

If that doesn't give you satisfaction, perhaps you're the one getting a little too old! 

Still Augmenting After All These Years!!!Still Augmenting After All These Years!!!

Sep 8, 2011
by Anonymous


Cool use of AR technology for mobile networking, taking social networking to a whole new level. I wonder if other bands will follow suit.

Jun 15, 2012
by Anonymous

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