Augmented Reality Sunglasses Can Insert Social Networking Into Your Sights

We're slowly becoming familiar with augmented reality as viewed through our smartphone cameras and apps like Layar. What if those same effects were available by just slipping on a pair of sunglasses? The folks at HUD (Heads Up Display) are touting that game-changing technology, as we speak.

This advancement of this technology promises to take consumer optics and communication into another dimension. The Stark HUD 2020 Sunglasses provide the following features:
  • Geo-location services and tourist information
  • Augmented Reality Markers
  • Social networking tools and applications
  • Weather and traffic updates!
  • Mood-monitoring jukebox!
  • Matchmaker targeting, Augmented dating

It enables the user to fully and effortlessly interact with their environment and social network: you can find out what's happening in your local downtown, check the weather, catch up with friends and you can even find love. with its compatibility profiling.  Better than a pair of 3-D glasses, wouldn't you say?

Stark 2020 ExpoStark 2020 ExpoHUD technology has long been the stuff of comic books and science fiction. Now its becoming a reality. Fujikawa, the Japanese electronics manufacturer released a first glimpse of their Stark HUD 2020 which was on display at the Stark Expo last month in advance of the movie Iron Man 2.

Yes, the technology is 'still what dreams are made of,' and was used to hype the movie. However, based on how fast augmented reality is developing, could this advancement be that far off into the future?

Can't you imagine having the ability to see your tweets and status updates augmented onto what you're looking at in the real world and to communicate with friends and followers locally when you are approaching their neighborhoods? And you won't have to wait until the year 2020. I give it a year before you'll being purchasing  your first pair of Augmented Reality sunglasses. Any wagers on that bet?

Just see how much has been accomplished in this space within the last year. Here are related posts on other Augmented Reality advancements and research that I was able to research and surface over the coarse of the last 9 months.

Jun 12, 2010
by Anonymous

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