Auqaglide Revolution Brings Playground Fun To The Water


The teeter totter was always my favorite piece of playground equipment.  I loved the feeling of being hoisted up in the air and then dropped back down.  If you share this love of teeter totters and enjoy water sports then you will probably be impressed by the Auqaglide Revolution.  This 10 person water teeter totter provides outdoor excitement for adults and kids alike.



It is an enormous blow-up teeter totter with 20 sets of handles for getting things rolling.  Participants on either side of the rocker use their body weight to shift the structure to one side; then the people on the other side do the same.  Everyone must work together to get the rocker going.  Each side can be elevated up to 10’ above the water allowing for great splashing and thrills.  For a little more relaxing entertainment the whole thing can be flipped over and used as a water slide.  Handles on one side give users some extra assistance in climbing up.
The Revolution must be anchored in water that is at least 8’ deep.  It would be a fantastic entertainment item to bring along if you were going to be camping by a lake or just going out for a day of water adventures.  At $4000 dollars though, it is definitely a luxury summer toy.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer