Aurasmic Experience - Transforming An Image Into A Clip On Your Smartphone

Generally, smartphones aren't really that smart. Sure, they do just about anything you want them to, but the limitations of our imagination rarely extend to the limitations of the device.

But every now and then, someone comes up with something that really captures their capabilities. Someone like Mike Lynch, cofounder and chief executive of Autonomy. His team has recently introduced Aurasma to the smartphone world, and expectations of mobile devices will never be the same again.

This app utilizes Autonomy's cutting edge Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) pattern recognition engine to enable users to turn any still image, streetscape or other scene into a video clip, right before your eyes. This app isn't just smart, it's downright intelligent.

But we really should use the proper jargon, because that explains things even better. Aurasma transforms a scene or image into an Aura: an Augmented reality action. Auras can be "images, videos or even games, that appear when you point the phone at a real-world image."

The app comes with plenty of 'Super Anywheres' already built into it, which will get you started nicely. But then you can program your own Auras into it, and really have a blast as it "brings the physical and virtual worlds together for the first time."

Now all you need is an iPhone 4 or iPad 2, because it won't work on anything else just yet. If you have a different device, and you want this app as badly as you should, then you best follow Aurasma on Twitter and wait for your announcement.

Meanwhile, check it out: