Auspit: Campfire Cooking Done Right

If you plan to do any camping this spring, you’re going to need to cook. Why not consider upping the ante and cooking a real meal rather than the ol’ frank n’ beans? Instead, dine on such delicacies as whole chickens, roast beefs or roasted hams. The campfire provides the heat, all you need is the right tools.

The Pit is Just for Demonstration, Use Over CampfireThe Pit is Just for Demonstration, Use Over Campfire

From the continent of “barbie” comes the Auspit, a rotisserie designed specifically for campfire use. It operates on two D batteries and spins your dinner—up to 18 pounds of it—over an open campfire. You won’t get more flavor than that anywhere. The Auspit is designed to feed up to 16 people at a time, so bring a couple of friends, or the entire office, and let them stock the beer—after all, you’re cooking dinner. Optional SpitMate is a cage cooking accessory that allows you to cook other meals that don’t want to be stuck to a skewer like shrimp, veggies and chicken wings.

To operate, simply put your meat and other food onto the spit, flip the ON switch and you’re cooking. Run time is 90 hours so you’ll get a few uses off of one set of D’s. When done, the Auspit folds into a convenient carrying case to make hauling it to and from the campsite quite easy.

With meals this delicious and a setting of tranquility and beauty, you may never leave the forest.  Auspit recently became available in North America so take advantage and become the campfire chef you always knew you could be. Auspit systems start at $140.


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