Aussie Businesses Up Tablet Use

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When it comes to the trend of using tablets in the work place there are a fair number of companies that have embraced the emergency of mobile technology and either ponied up for tablets for select employees or created a bring your own device policy that has allowed workers to bring in their own tablets to the work force.

Adoption however is far from universal, but studies show that it just might be on the rise. A new study shows that the businesses in Australia are increasing their rate of tablet adoption this year. According to a forecast recently put out by Roy Morgan Research there is going to be a 31% increase in the number of companies that are going to be allowing workers to use tablets in the office. In addition there is expected to be a whopping 50% increase in the overall number of tablets that are going to be used in the work place.

Of course the adoption is not the same across all industries. While about 37 percent of media related companies are going to be bringing tablets into the workplace only 13 percent of companies in agribusiness will be adopting the same policy, which oddly enough only put them four percent behind employers in the education industry and those who were labeled as "professional, scientific and technical services", two fields in which one would think their might be a high level of adoption.

For now medium sized businesses seem to be the slowest adopters, with very small businesses (less than five employees) and very large businesses that are leading the way when it comes to adopting tablets in the work place.

Source: TelecomPaper
Image Source: Morgue File