Australian Facial Recognition System to Halt False License Applicants

Having your driver's license suspended or revoked is a serious matter. Even more serious is the number of people who have had this happen and then successfully applied for another in a different state or even county in some instances. The Australian Police have developed a new computer system to help cut down on these occurrences which could eventually make its way into the US.

The new system is based on the naturally occurring differences in our facial structure, specifically the distances between the nose, eyes and mouth. When someone applies for a new license, a special program will analyze their photograph and record very precise measurements of the location of the previously mentioned features. This will then be stored in a database for future comparison purposes.

If, during the course of the application process, the database finds a "high probability match" to someone who is applying for a new license having theirs revoked, it will not allow the issuance of another one. Assumedly, the authorities will also be notified as this is a criminal offense in many places.

No word on how long the system will take to fully implement, but if it works as well as some are projecting it could very quickly make its way to the US.

Jan 31, 2010
by Anonymous

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