Automobile Technology Makes Unique Design For A Stool: Plopp

While Plopp has the appearance of a stool, it also has the appearance of a stool that can't support more than five pounds of weight! But it's not made like a child's vinyl swimming tube; it's not even made of vinyl! It's all steel, very supportive, and its engineering is similar to that used in automobile manufacturing!



Oskar Zieta designed the Plopp for Hay design, Denmark. Each Plopp is a unique sculpture, says Zieta, as no two stools are alike. Plopp has won several design awards in the past year including a Red Dot Award in 2008, a Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009, and the Forum AID Award in 2009.

Looking closer at the Plopp stool, can you tell that the material is steel?



Plopp starts with two identical machined steel plates. The plates are welded together and then expanded under high pressure. Zieta shows us in the You Tube video below...




The Plopp can be made of powdered steel in black, white, gray, and yellow, or in stainless steel. Each one is about 20 inches high. It is available from Hay as is the beautiful Pinocchio rug you may have noticed in the video.