AutoNet Mobile Turns Your Car Into a Wireless Hotspot Via Any WiFi-equipped Device

AutoNet Mobile has updated their in-car wireless router for 2008, and this useful device will allow you to connect to the Internet via any WiFi-enabled device. This would include: laptops, PSPs, cell phones, PDAs, and more. The kids won't be bored on those long road trips anymore!

This innovative technology was originally introduced last year. You may have seen the AutoNet Mobile in-car wireless routers inside of certain Avis rental cars - Avis has been a partner with AutoNet Mobile for a while now. Soon they will be available for anyone to purchase, and they will turn anyone's car into a WiFi hotspot.
AutoNet Mobile in-car wireless routerAutoNet Mobile in-car wireless router

AutoNet Mobile has partnered with Delphi to create the hardware needed for this system to work, and AutoNet is the actual Internet provider for this in-car WiFi setup. The system works by using cell phone networks (3G, EVDO) to provide a wireless Internet signal to the router in your car, which then turns your car into a wireless hotspot - much like your wireless router at home. Multiple users can be on the Internet at the same time, and the router has a range of about 100 feet from the car (in ideal conditions).

The wireless router mounts inside the vehicle, most likely the trunk, and it doesn't require any other special hardware or software. It will provide Internet to any WiFi-enabled device at speeds of 600kbps-800kbps. Because the AutoNet wireless router uses the fast and reliable 3G/EVDO networks, you are able to get Internet access on over 95% of U.S. roadways (according to the manufacturer).

There's no word on pricing yet, but earlier in-car wireless router models sold for about $399 - so I would expect pricing to be similar. You will also need to pay a monthly usage charge to the service provider (AutoNet Mobile) which will probably cost around $50 or so. This technology is what many parents who travel long distances with the kids have been waiting for to help keep the kids busy during those long trips. This device will be available this Spring.

UPDATE: The AutoNet Mobile CarFi Router is now available in stores. You can find it here on Amazon.

Sources: DVICE and AutoNet Mobile

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Jan 13, 2008
by Craig Plunkett (not verified)

Autonet - Been there, done that

Kyocera and others have had lower priced versions of this device for a couple years now, and we outfitted 40 Hampton Jitney buses with the technology 4 years ago, but were unsuccessful in getting investor interest.

Kudos to autonet, and love the math problem captcha test!

Jan 13, 2008
by Michael Johnston (not verified)

This box is supposedly better then Kyocera and others

I spoke with these guys at CES last week and this box is quite a bit different then the Kyocera box. The main difference is that they are the service provider and they have some technology that maintains your connectivity while you're in motion better then the box only solutions. They apparently buy bandwidth from Sprint and Verizon, but they operate their own NOC so they can do seamless handoffs. Not sure how exactly it works, but I know the Kyocera box sucks when your moving.

They also have storage on the box so you can copt video and audio files to it from your house. Pretty cool. I'm getting one as soon as they are available in Detroit. Seems they are only available in California right now.

Jan 14, 2008
by lv taylor (not verified)


I've been waiting to buy an autonet mobile internet unit since their showing last January 2007 in Las Vegas. I've e-mailed, U.S. mail, called & left messages to buy a unit and have yet to receive any info on how to get a unit. I've given up - extremely poor customer relations.

Feb 1, 2008
by Negroponte (not verified)


Personally, I blame the Negroes. Primarily due to Bill Cosby, Rap music and Krumping.

Mar 31, 2008
by Anonymous

thats so awsome

i cant wait to get one. will it be available everywhere?

Aug 9, 2008
by Anonymous

will be available on Chrysler Cars this fall

Chrysler says they will be available on all their cars, minivans etc this fall.