Avatar Pho.to: Make Animated Avatars with Ease

A little while back I wrote about an avatar service that let you create your own animated avatars very easily.  The service was called Alpoy and while it was a reasonably well put together concept, I had noted that there was kind of a limitation as to how you can animated your avatar.  Well, Avatar Pho.to is perhaps the exact opposite of Alpoy in that regard: less options, but they all work much better.

Avatar Pho.to is a service that focus more on giving you animated avatars that other avatar editing sites.  The genius with it is in it's extreme simplicity.  The site offers you a host of animation options.  Then you upload your picture, choose an effect, and you're done.  The lack of options seems to work well for Avatar Pho.to because everything works just as it should.

That doesn't mean that having less options in better.  Quite on the contrary, actually.  I'd personally rather have more options to customize my avatar.  However, the fact that all the animation effects on Avatar Pho.to work nearly perfectly is what really got me excited about using the site.  You guys will surely have fun with the effects, too.

That's also not to say that Avatar Pho.to doesn't have a decent host of options, either.  You can still choose size, frame rate, and host of other more basic options.  Sure, you can't do any hard core image manipulation, but try to remember the focus is on getting you a great looking animated avatar, and that's just what Avatar Pho.to does.  Once again, don't deprive yourselves of giving this one a try, and tell us how you think Avatar Pho.to stacks up against Alpoy.