Aviary Offers A Full Image Editing Suite Online

Aviary is an online image editing suite that offers much of the power behind desktop applications, only without installing many gigabytes of software.  The teaser video on their home page compares it to Photoshop, which isn't entirely inaccurate, but Aviary is accessible from anywhere regardless of what you have installed on your system, save maybe a good browser.

The Aviary suite consists of a bunch of bird-named pop-up applications for image manipulation.  There's an effects editor (Peacock), an image editor (Phoenix), a color editor (Toucan), and a host of others.  There's even an audio editor.  All of these load up fairly quickly in pop-up windows, so you can use multiple applications at the same time.

Aviary also lets you register with the site, so you can save project files in your account, upload new projects, and even import photos from popular photosharing sites and social media accounts.  There's also a community of user-submitted "creations" that you can browse through or submit new work for.  Without invading your harddrive, Aviary is looking to provide you with all your image editing needs in one place.

Many heavy photoshop users will probably notice how stripped down the applications are, but the features that do exist in Aviary applications all work really well.  I was surprised at how smooth these birds all ran right out of the browser.  Many online editing suites suffer from lag, but Aviary seems to have something good going on here.  If you like to play with pictures or make digital artwork, go give it a spin, and link us to your "creation" in the comments.