Award-Winning Pencil Bench by Boex Blends Art, Office Supplies and Function

UK-based Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award-winning bench based off a single conversation about incorporating an everyday office item into a functional piece of furniture. All it took was a little bit of creative brainstorming, and voilà -- the Pencil Bench was born! Out of 1600 very pink pencils was this functional seating sculpture created, each one individually sprung and removable for use.

the pink brigadethe pink brigade

Unfortunately, soft pink erasers and all, this bench doesn't look too comfy for most derrieres. It reminds me of a modern bent on the ancient science of acupressure, or a more benign upgrade to the classic bed of nails. I imagine that over time the pencils would eventually be pilfered by office staff, covertly replaced with chewed up, yellow No.2s of varying lengths with worn erasers and broken points. And then what? You can just kiss the whole stately symmetry of it all goodbye. Oh, people. Leave it to them to ruin everything.


Stay in lineStay in line

Aside from this pink pencil lover's bench, Boex has a number of different creative undertakings in the mix, including interiors for cafes, skate shops and medical offices, as well as various projects related to clothing, retail display, and portable art exhibitions.

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Apr 1, 2008
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