5 Awesome Designs Inspired By Nature: Enea Studio

The constellations and their stars, the sweet light of snow on the trees, falling leaves in autumn, waves in the ocean... Visuals from your latest relaxation tape? Or something more tangible, like furniture and lighting inspired by those visions? The Enea Studio, now at 100% Design in London, features just such designs, inspired by nature and very calming in effect.

"Emotional Design, Natural and Environmental contact, Quality." This is the "brand" of the Enea Studio and you'll see these elements in its new catalogue of designs below.


The Leaf Swing

Enea places the Leaf Swings in the exact setting where they were conceived and in the exact setting where they should be hung.... from a shady tree, with green grass and a sprinkling of dried leaves to kick under foot. The Leaf Swings are for adults, but they "should bring the peace and tranquility of a child hearing a lullaby."




The Mare Design Collection

Mare, from "the sea," is a fascinating concept for outdoor furniture. Different objects, like a chaise lounge, a chair, a sunbed, and table, seem to arise spontaneously from the pavement as do the waves and the reflection of light from the sea.


The Wave Lighting Design

Inspired by waterfalls, Wave lighting can be used indoors or out, horizontally or vertically. Like the direction of a waterfall, the Wave light falls to the floor in the photo below.



The Orion Chair Design


Inspired by the constellation Orion, The Hunter, the Orion chairs are many-faceted like the stars. The Orions have a unique style and a sphere of influence well beyond themselves. The chairs are stackable and can be used for outdoor installations.




The Snowhite Lighting Design

This lighting design is one of my favorites, especially for a home in a cold climate. In an otherwise dark room, the soft Snowhite lighting would be mesmerizing


The Enea Studio will be at Stand P81, September 18 - 21, 2008, at 100% Design in London.