Slurping It Up - Awesome Soft Drink Commercials From Around the World

In the sugar-laden world of the fizzy drink, brand name recognition is all important - particularly since competing brands tend to mimic each other by offering similar tasting products.  Back in the day all that you needed was a guy sitting at a table drinking a soda and saying just how delicious it was:

I love how conspicuous the actors are as they try to get as many sips of Coca-Cola as possible in their mouths between lines of dialogue...

But now just drinking the soda on camera then stating how yummy it is won't do the trick.  A face pitching a product has become repetitive... boring.  Now it is more about pitching a concept instead of the actual item.  And this makes for some funny, strange, and sometimes beautiful commercials.

Let's take Pepsi for example:

So... Pepsi not only provides refreshment, but also enlightenment... and horrible facial scarring.

In the same vein, and probably by the same advertising agency, comes this related commercial for Mountain Dew:

Is this the same sacred monastery from the Pepsi ad?  Perhaps.  Considering that Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi, it is a distinct possibility.

Which brings up the question: Is Pepsi training an elite corps of hand slapping, ass-kicking ninja warriors to wage a battle royale against the grand master of soft drink manufacturers?

How can Coca-Cola counter such a powerful force?

Hmmm... hand slapping ninjas against an army of... I dunno... parasitic happy creatures?  If so, the parasites would win by crawling into the ninjas and eating them from the inside-out.

As an aside away from my twisted soda-war theory, I must admit that the Coke ad is one of the more creative and beautiful pieces of advertising I've seen in a while, a fully realized alternate universe of happy little soft drink people.  It would be nice to see a series of commercials set here that build up into some sort of comprehensive story.

Now back to my twisted view...

Let's look at Coca-Cola's answer to Mountain Dew: Vault

Ah!  So Coca-Cola's Vault is like a super-serum!  And according to the next ad, it augments not only muscles and reaction time, but brain power as well:

It seems that the farmer/inventor has taken to testing his weapons on human targets.  Take that you hippie scum!

Notice how these commercials all utilize humor as the primary ingredient for product recognition, with the actual soft drink sort of resting in the background as a simple logo reminding us subtly of what it is we're supposed to buy.

Jan 11, 2010
by Anonymous


The last one is a poorly made fake.

Jan 11, 2010
by J. Barker
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If you...

...can back that up with evidence, I'll gladly note it in the article.