Slurping It Up - Awesome Soft Drink Commercials From Around the World

This is not only prevalent in the United States ad campaigns.  And while I can't run a "cola war" parallel with these (as they don't have martial arts training or parasitic troop deployment), they are definite cousins to the US ads.  Humor is an excellent way to keep a consumer's attention.

The next three commercials are from Scotland for Irn Bru and are, in my opinion, laugh out loud funny:

That kid'll grow up to be a football player.  Or grow up to be this guy:

Note how his butt is in the product splash shot of each ad.  An odd concept, as it sort'a pulls your eye away from the actual product.

Next up is Thailand.  I'm not sure what the name of the drink is (unless it's Aon), but I really love it.

The expression on the father's face when the kid is shining his shoes is priceless.

I've saved the strangest for last (believe it or not).  While this is not a new ad campaign (it's from the 1970s), I just had to include it.  It is from Germany, for a now defunct soft drink called Fizzi Pop:

What creeps me out is the not remotely veiled child stalker aspect of this commercial.  It is creepy in the way that a clown with a pocket full of candy, toys, and condoms can only aspire at being.

I'm not sure how accurate this information is (as I couldn't find any confirmation of it), but the original poster of this commercial on YouTube says that the ad was not well received by the public.  He also states that Fizzi Pop was recalled due to high degrees of a certain red dye used as an ingredient.  The scariest thing he states is that the company that manufactured this soft drink now makes flea collars!


Teaser Image courtesy of dcJohn via Flickr Commons.

John Barker
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Jan 11, 2010
by Anonymous


The last one is a poorly made fake.

Jan 11, 2010
by J. Barker
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If you...

...can back that up with evidence, I'll gladly note it in the article.