Axe Canada's Showerpooling Speeds Past Carpooling To Save The Planet!

Carpooling may save gas, but what about water, our planet's most fundamental resource? Take action. Take your clothes off. And Showerpool. With tips and tools to help keep our planet more and more sustainable, products the world over are looking for new ways to become environmentally friendly. Axe Body Wash, on the other hand has taken that message literally with the release of their new video "Axe Showerpooling."  Now, not only can we save water for future generations, we will also be rescuing "synchronize swimming" from becoming an obsolete sport.

On Earth Day, the Axe Canada Facebook fan page (with over 14,000 registered friends) posted to their wall an invite to all the inhabitants of this planet to "do their part to make the world a better place, by showerpooling."

Now that's its legit, under the guise of conservation, men can invite as many women into the shower as he likes. However, it should be noted, that just because your shower became the new party room at your pad, doesn't mean you can spend any longer in that shower than you would normally - as that would just defeat the purpose! While inviting a bevy of beauties to lather up with you might be distracting - we're here to save the planet's water supply --- remember. And like carpooling, this doesn't give you a license to kick it into "overdrive!" - if you get my drift, or spray as the case might be!

Apr 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Unique & must for

Must for So CA in summer at 95F heat.
& for Hawaii Year round.
FL ( summer) The South.
So Europe.

For hotels
cruise ships?

Apr 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Uhh wouldn't you use up more water?

If you shower pool with your significant other, there's a high probability taking a shower isn't the only thing you'd be doing.

bow chicka bow wow