Axiom Is A Zero Energy Home

Can you imagine having a home without any energy bills?

Well that time has finally arrived.

A company based out of Kansas City, Missouri, has developed a net-zero home that can be built anywhere in the United Stated in half the time, and for the same cost as a standard home.

Acre has created the Axiom House that is revolutionary in every sense.

Jennifer and Andrew Dickson are the two who own Acre, which is a start-up company, and they are the inventors of this new smart home that will script a new chapter for the real estate industry right across the USA.

“It's (the Axiom House) net-zero, which means homeowners have no energy bills and can use those savings each month to pay off their mortgage quickly, or live the kind of life they've dreamed of… And all for the cost of a standard house,” says Andrew, who is an industrial designer and interior architect.

“We’ve redesigned the entire process to create affordable, environmentally-friendly, technologically smart, and beautifully designed homes.”

Jennifer, who is an architect and interior designer, states, "As a family we've also just experienced that frustration of working so hard for a home that isn't performing for us.” (1)

She adds, “Energy-efficient homes right now are a luxury, so we're trying to make that more accessible.” (2)

The Axiom House: Smart. Efficient. Affordable.

The Axiom House is loaded with solar panels on its roof, and the doors, windows and appliances are all energy-efficient.

Even better is that this house is equipped with over 40 sensors that closely follow the number of people in the home and which monitors the use of energy, temperature and humidity.

Energy for this house is gathered through an array of rooftop solar panels and a high-tech geothermal system. This technology allows homeowners to sell their natural power to their local energy providers. A credit system also allows owners to share power on a credit-based system.

It is estimated that the Axiom Home will save you up to $300.00 a month on energy costs (that’s about $100,000 in savings over 30 years).

The inventors point out that the typical American home is broken on every level. A standard home uses too much energy which hits everyone’s pocket book. And homes nowadays are expensive: A home valued at $300,000 will actually costs you close to $1-million over 30 years when you add in the interest, utilities and insurance.

You can purchase the Axiom House for about $200,000 and the construction process only takes about three to four months.

Home ‘Smart’ Home

At present there are only about 400 net-zero homes in the United States. (3) 

So, what makes the Axiom House stands out among the rest?

By design this type of house offers far more features on the energy efficiency and solar-power technology fronts.

And though streamlined construction, the build time is reduced by 40-60 percent, which saves you even more money.

As well, the Axiom Home is fully adaptable to home automation technology, so you will always be able to control your home with a smartphone or tablet.

With the Axiom House you get more for less.

Question is when are you getting one?


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