B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station Lulls Baby To Sleep And Keeps Him Asleep Until Morning


Some babies, I am told, are wonderful sleepers. They peacefully drift off to sleep the instant they’re placed in their cribs and only awaken after an acceptable (to the parents) amount of sleep time. These are not the kind of babies I got. Mine fought me about going to sleep and then awoke multiple times throughout the night. I tried whatever I could think of to make the process smoother for them and for me, but it would have been nice to have a gadget like the B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station to help lull them off to sleep.



The Dream Station is different from the usual crib attachments in several ways. This unique baby sleep aid has five different light and sound phases to suit different parts of baby’s sleep cycle. When baby is first placed in the crib and the ‘Watch Over Me’ system is activated, the unit begins to play soft music, sway the paddles and project soothing lights. As baby calms down and slower movements are detected, the system slows down its movement and softens the music and lights. Once baby is asleep the Dream Station shifts to white noise and mood lights. The sensor monitors baby throughout the night and re-activates the soothing mood light if baby wakes up. In the morning (at the end of the pre-determined sleep time), the system once again plays music and light and gradually increases the movement of the paddles to help baby wake up in a good mood.

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