Babies Are Cute From Head to Toe...(But Let's Focus On Heads Today...)

It's January. Your head is cold, and you pull on a hat. If you are a new mom or dad, your first impulse is to keep the chill away from bundled up baby, and you pull a hat out for them as well. What does it look like? Is it your typical pink or blue beanie similar to those head shaping hospital atrocities? Or is your baby on the edge of style? Hip hats aren't just for those with fully developed motor skills, as has been proven on the heads of various happenin' infants all across the country.

Born Lucky

Found on the hit website, a fine line of "lucky" hats are perfect for the baby whose parents are proud Vegas rollers or smalltown card sharks. Featuring card suits on the brim, you can also find beanies with a pair of dice, the words "Lucky" and "Wild One" emblazoned on the front.

Who Said Babies Have To Ruin Poker Night?: Source: babyhip.comWho Said Babies Have To Ruin Poker Night?: Source:

State of Being

The same website also offers a variety of hats perfect for your favorite freeloader. Their "Unemployed" hat is a great one, as is the one declaring your little one to be "The King."

Freeloader Fashion: Source: babyhip.comFreeloader Fashion: Source:

King of the Crib: Source: babyhip.comKing of the Crib: Source:

For Your Littlest Princess

If tough beanies aren't your style, consider a hat fit for a queen. The littest of royalty, that is. Sold at, the "Her Royal Highness" hat is pretty in pink and designed for heads aged 0-12 months.

Her Royal Highness Is Ready For Her Adoring Public: Source: babygoodies.comHer Royal Highness Is Ready For Her Adoring Public: Source:

If you want to tell others exactly how you feel about your baby girl, consider Tricky & Titch's "Gorgeous" snow cap. Pink and adorable with two knots at the top, everyone will gush over the cuteness your baby flaunts when wearing it.

Cutie pie perfection: Source: trickyandtitch.comCutie pie perfection: Source:

With that being said, there is no excuse for boring headgear this winter! Hats can be purchased at Baby Hip, Baby Goodies, and Tricky and Titch, all under $20.

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