Funniest Toys In Existence? Baby Bush Toys

You are tired of fighting the Wal Mart parking lot. One of your friends, a staunch Bush supporter, just had a baby and you are looking for the perfect gag site. Look no further than the Baby Bush Toys website. Full of wit, and not so full of products, the innovation of this online 'store" is perfect for those who are looking for children's toys with a sense of humor.

Does the website actually sell anything? A look at their contact page hints they do, however I've never personally played with any of these cutting edge toys brimming with innovation. However, here are a few of my favorites nonetheless.

World's Most "Difficult" Rubix Cube

Known officially as the Twisty Thing, That is Red - this one color rubix cube is the ultimate problem solving parody. I especially enjoy it comes with an instruction guide. Consider getting this for your favorite coworker who ceases to grasp the obvious, or get it for a child that doesn't bore easily!

Not Exactly The Most Challenging Of Puzzles: Source: babybushtoys.comNot Exactly The Most Challenging Of Puzzles: Source:

Cardboard Castle

This "Portable Playground" is nothing more than a cardboard box. At an affordable $48.99, kids can play for hours in this beyond amazing play structure. What Could Be More Fun?: Source: babybushtoys.comWhat Could Be More Fun?: Source:

Terror Alert Xylophone

Another toy that can actually be played by children while getting a laugh out of any adult, this colorful xylophone features the nation's official terror alert system. Definitely a groaner, but admittedly a witty idea.
Musical Terror Alert: Source: babybushtoys.comMusical Terror Alert: Source:

Pessimistic Pillow

Known as the Lil' Looming Disaster Pillow, your children can curl up with this bring and soft sunburst, while adults will giggle at the shot against our depraved society it signifies.
Sweet Dreams with Doomsday: Source: babybushtoys.comSweet Dreams with Doomsday: Source:

Beyond Silly

Think these are just awful? Check out the special edition of the children's classic Goodnight Moon, which is missing a few words...or you know, all of them. This blank book will be sure to get a laugh, and babies will love to chew and drool on the paper inside.

Lastly, you will find the Freedom Dinger. Let freedom ring with this version of a typical counter service bell, complete with a "remote control", otherwise known as a wooden stick.

Perhaps what makes this site the most innovative, is the page on testimonials, where parents "testify" to the great response these toys got from their socially and intellectually inept children.

Not a Bush fan? Looking for a good midday laugh? Check out . You won't regret it.

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