Baby Cosplay Rompers? I Kid You Not!

Japanese toy and game manufacturer Bandai has been courting the adult consumer of late but now it seems their marketing is aiming a little lower... like knee-high to a grasshopper. By the end of February 2010, Japan's department stores should be stocking Bandai's new line of Baby Cosplay Rompers!

Priced at just 1,029 yen (about $11.45) each, these super suits for the soft food set will come in 10 different styles including Doraemon, Dorami-chan (Doraemon's girlfriend), Ultraman, Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z. Bandai introduced cosplay bib & cap combos (left) last summer so these rompers can be seen as a follow-up.

The suits, in the form known in North America as either Rompers or Diaper Vests, are sized 70cm/80cm and feature metal snap closings on the bottom. (via ITmedia News)

These Cosplay Rompers are not available in the U.S, but we have our own version with these super adorable Rubie's Costume Rompers available on Amazon just for the 'awwww" factor alone. 

Darth Vader RompersDarth Vader Rompers

Robin RomperRobin Romper

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May 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Baby Onesies

We love baby onesies as much as you do! We are in the process of adding new designs, but I do love yours! Very unique, great job!