Baby Plays: The Netflix Of Children’s Toy Rental

Parents know how quickly kids get bored. One day they're begging you to purchase that trendy toy they saw on TV and the next day it's discarded for that a new toy lugged around by a best friend from daycare. Baby Plays, the Netflix of baby and toddler toy rentals makes sure toys are available to keep up with your child's development rate and attention span, so you don't have to stock your own baby toy warehouse at home.

Like with Netflix, users of the rental service can select a monthly plan that allows them to receive a set number of toys at varying intervals. The most economic toy rental plan, at $26.99 sends 5 toys out for babies and children to play with every 60 days, while the most expensive plan goes for $64.99 and ships out 10 toys every 30 days. The costs to rent baby toys may seem steep; but the cost is substantially less than purchasing toys that children grow out of not long after purchase.

Baby Plays carries a variety of toys for babies and children aged 0 months to 5 years and features some major names in the baby toy and educational product industry for children, like Baby Einstein, Leapfrog, and more. Moms and dads interested in renting toys can browse Baby Plays' selection by category, which includes Montessori toys, educational development, planes trains and automobiles, and crib toys or by age. The process to rent the children's toys is simple, only requiring that users add their toy selections to their shopping cart and let their children enjoy playing with them once received. At the end of their rental period, parents can ship back all of the toys in the provided box or hang onto some of them for a longer period of time; which of course reduces the number of toys in the next rental shipment.

Baby Plays rental plans are also available as gifts or for travel so the selection of toys can come and go even when the children aren't at home! This innovative business is another example of the convenience of renting over buying, which in this case allows children more diversity in their play objects at an affordable cost for their parents.

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