The BabyDeck Stroller Allows for Diaper Changing on the Run

Unless you just arrived at home with your new bundle of joy, you have probably been on many outings with your baby.  Maybe it was just a trip to the local mall or maybe you went on a more extensive adventure.  Either way, you have undoubtedly experienced the challenges of diaper changing on the run.

You would think that by now most stores and eating establishments would be equipped with proper facilities for changing babies.  Not so!  Some not only do not have a changing area or pull-out change table, but no spare bit of counter space that could be used in a pinch either.  Personally, I have resorted to changing my daughter on the backseat of my small car (fortunately it is a 4 door).  Sadly, there have been times where my only options were this or to use the dingy floor in the bathroom of whatever business we were at.  When she was tiny this was annoying, but doable.  Now that she is two it is even more of a challenge as she moves quickly and takes up far more room.

I am not alone though.  These are the same challenges faced by pretty much all parents of babies and the same difficulties that prompted some inventive parents to create the BabyDeck Stroller by Abiie.  This innovative product functions as a regular stroller, but has a seat that folds out into a changing table.  If you are out with your baby you likely have the stroller.  With the BabyDeck stroller you are fully prepared to take care of diaper changes without having to improvise or trek back to the car and make do.  Plus you will have peace of mind knowing that you are using a clean surface.

I only wish this was around before we got to the potty training stage.  If you are still dealing with diapers be sure to check it out.

Source: Abiie


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Feb 26, 2010
by Kim Patterson

I agree!  I think it is

I agree!  I think it is fantastic!

Feb 28, 2010
by Anonymous


I hope whoever uses this item has the decency to go to a private area when changing baby. How many bystanders want to see or smell a poopy diaper? Young people today are so self-absorbed; uncaring about others in the immediate area. What's wrong with going to the car, or how about staying home!

Mar 2, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Caring and Uncaring in All Age Groups

l'd like to think that most parents would be considerate of those
around them and use the most appropriate place available to change
their baby's diaper.  I know that I would!  Sometimes the car is quite
a distance away or it is very cold or hot outside, making the car an
uncomfortable temperature for a half-naked baby.  Also, the idea that
parents would need to stay home until their baby is out of diapers or
that the child would not be able to leave the home until completely
potty trained seems very impractical.

I suppose I cannot speak
for other parents of young children, but I know that when I am out I am
ever aware of how my daughter's actions and my own toward her affect
those around me.  I feel like I often notice how other parents act with
their children too and from what I have seen, the majority try their
best to be considerate. 

There are thoughtful and inconsiderate people
in all age groups.