Back to the Future Mod Fluxes My Capacitor

Since I first saw Back to the Future in the theater in 1985, I've wanted to be able to sit in my car, look over my shoulder and say, "Flux Capacitor... fluxing."

And since access to the replica of the time machine DeLorean is rather difficult (made even moreso by the dismantling of the Back to the Future simulator ride at nearby Universal Studios, Orlando), I had given up hope of even being able to look over my shoulder at a fake flux capacitor... until now.

This is a fan made mod for use with Electronic Arts first-person-shooter, Crysis.  A mod is essentially an add-on or modification of an existing game.  These are generally fan-made by talented individuals who not only know how to code, but also tend to have serious artistic skills.


Just look at the detail in this image...Just look at the detail in this image...

In this case, the fan is Mert Mimaroglu.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions about the virtual time machine DeLorean.

John P. Barker: Tell me a little about yourself.

Mert Mimaroglu: I'm from Izmir, Turkey. I studied metallurgy and material engineering, but during university I started to learn 3D. This started as an interest but then I realized that engineering wasn’t for me, so I focused on learning 3D. Now I live in Ankara and work at as [a] 3D Artist. We are a small company. Therefore, in order to improve myself better, I work at home also. My goal is to improve myself as much as I can and to be a member of big projects.

In my spare time, for fun, I like to take pictures with my camera, ride [my] bicycle, watch movies, and play games, of course. :)

JPB: In very basic terms, could you describe the CryEngine2 and how it differs from other gaming engines?

MM: The beauty of CryEngine 2 is that everything is real-time and dynamic, no precalculations, no waiting. I don't think I could add all these features to DeLorean with other big engines such as Unreal and Source, since they don't have fully dynamic lighting systems. It also provides the best graphics quality on the market, for sure.

JPB: What made you choose Back to the Future as an inspiration for a Crysis mod?

MM: I think [that] for many children that lived in [the] 80s, these movies and this car are very special. For me, DeLorean is my first dream car. When I was about 8 years old I had a Ferrari toy. I glued cables, plastic parts on it to make it look like the time machine. :) After many years I wanted to make my dream come true. Also I wanted to make something unique with CryEngine 2 and benefit from its powerful features, not just make a model and add to [the] game. I wanted to learn this technology with a wider aspect. So, I decided to add time travel abilities to this car.

JPB: Have you used this mod in actual game play?  If so, how well did it integrate into the game?

MM: No, it's just a small mod for single player. Right now, I don't have a plan to use it in a multi- or single-player game. But I will continue to work on it. Many people want to see it fly, so this will be my next step.

 The Flux Capacitor!!!The Flux Capacitor!!!

The detail on the DeLorean is incredible!  Did you encounter any specific design elements to be particularly difficult?

MM: Because it is very special car, I wanted to make it as perfect as possible. Since it was CryEngine 2, I had no problem with pushing the limits. The most difficult part was deciding on the references of parts of the time machine. I took a lot of shots and clips from movies. The problem was that they used more than one car in movies. At first, they look the same. But if you look carefully, you’ll notice the differences. For example, in one scene there are cables, but after 5-10 seconds there is a pipe in the same place, etc.

JPB: What other games have you provided mods for?

MM: Actually this is the only mod I have. Years ago I worked on [the] Half-Life engine, made some experiments but not serious things. I think I will continue to work on CryEngine 2.

I want to thank Mert Mimaroglu for his kindness in answering my questions.  Check out his portfolio here.  And for more of his work, go to .

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