Back to School: Solar Backpacks Fit School Supplies and Charge Electronics

Make a green pact this school year to ditch (donate or recycle) all you're portable electronics. No way! Okay, if that's out of the question, how about carrying all your school supplies in a bag that can recharge your portable electronics with the power of the sun. Take a look below at the solar charge backpacks I found on Amazon.


1. Solar Computer Briefcase/Backpack

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This solar briefcase is made with durable1680D ballistic nylon. It takes 3 hours to fully charge from a power outlet and it takes about eight hours to fully charge from direct sunlight. The adapters (AC, USB) and attachments (cell phone) included with the backpack will allow you to charge iPods, digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. The briefcase can easily be converted into a backpack. Use it to carry your notebooks and laptop. Yes, the bag is double padded.


2. SunPlug Solar Charger Backpack

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This well padded SunPlug bag is powerful enough to charge cell phones in direct sunlight. It takes 2 hours to fully charge an average cell phone. Other portable electronics such as, iPods, PDAs, and GPS can also be charged with this backpack. However, it cannot charge a laptop. Though not designed to charge a laptop there is enough room to carry a laptop.


3. V-dimension Helius Solar Powered Backpack

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The V-dimension Helius Solar Powered backpack is designed and manufactured in USA. There is a headphone port that allows you to listen to music while you are charging. Adapters included with the backpack are iPhone, iPod, Samsung, LG, Nokia and Motorola. There are additional adapters that can be ordered separately. The bag contains a variety of exterior and interior pockets and can support notebooks up to 15.4 inches.


4. Voltaic Solar Charger Backpack

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The Voltaic backpack is spacious, tough and well-padded backpack. "Shell uses 600D fabric made from recycled PET (soda bottles), which is tough, water resistant & lightweight" (Amazon description). There are 3 durable, waterproof and light weight solar panels that can produce sufficient energy to fully charge a typical cell phone when under direct sunlight for 4-6 hours. If sunlight is not available the backpack battery can also be charged via USB cable, AC travel charger or DC car charger. Like the backpacks above, it will charge a variety of portable electronics. It is not designed to charge laptops, but it is spacious enough to carry one.



5. Fusion Canvas Messenger Solar Charger Bag

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The Fusion Canvas Messenger bag made with heavy canvas material is spacious enough to hold folders, paperwork, and books. There is even enough space for a laptop (though it is also not designed to charge a laptop). The solar panel is on the front flap and can be used to provide solar power to charge cell phones, iPod and other hand-held electronic gadgets.

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