Kiddie Backpacks Give Back to School Style for the Smallest Students

School is almost back in session, and backpack designer Dante Beatrix is far from overlooking America’s crew of preschoolers gearing up for their first day of academic adventure.

Your preschooler is undoubtedly excited about stepping through the door of a classroom for the very first time, and just like the big kids, he/she is likely already packing for the big day. Even the smallest students need the essentials – a midday snack, crayons, and perhaps a favorite stuffed animal. However, the bulky backpacks and rolling duffels popular with older grades can spell disaster for little hands and feet who can’t maneuver such large items.

Enter Dante Beatrix and his adorably designed Little Kid Backpack, perfectly suited for itty bitty shoulders responsible for toting those prized possessions. With smartly crafted penguin, dinosaur and piggy images (to name only a few), the design definitely carries a large amount of child-appeal.

Even better, all three available packs contain just one large interior pocket, simplifying storage and making things easier for children to locate on their own. Throw in the padded straps for extra little kid comfort, and you’ve got the perfect backpack for those aged 2-5 years old.

You can pick up a Dante Beatrix backpack online via their official website .