Backblaze Storage Pod Sets Out To Make Server Storage Cheaper Than Ever

If you're a business, educational institution, or even a weekend hobbyist looking to build your own server for storage, Backblaze's DIY Storage Pod might just be the answer. With the new 6.0 storage pod, users can get up 480TB of storage space for as little as $0.036 per gigabyte.

Storage Pod 6.0Storage Pod 6.0

This obviously still isn't cheap when you look at the big picture, but in comparison to something like Amazon or Microsoft's cloud platforms, the price actually is around 1/4th the cost. While major institutions and businesses might not be as worried about costs, startups, private education, and hobbyist looking for large storage solutions will welcome the lower price. Backblaze doesn't sell these pods directly, however, but in the true nature of the digital age, they have open sourced the hardware design. Based on the use of a 4U chassis, Backblaze includes blueprints, wiring diagrams, STEP files, build instructions, and even a parts list to make assembly that much easier.

The internals of a storage pod from BackblazeThe internals of a storage pod from Backblaze

If building your own storage pods and server isn't your cuppa tea, then Backblaze also offers cloud storage through their own cloud storage solution, B2. For those worried about the prices, B2 is cheaper than other services, also coming in at about 1/4th the cost. Granted, you're not getting the name recognition and comfort found with something like Amazon AWS, but that doesn't mean that Backblaze delivers a suboptimal service, they simply aren't as large as Amazon or Microsoft.

If you're looking for more information on the DIY storage pods, as well as parts lists and blueprints, check out the blog post here.