4 Great Backup Flats For Party Nights: The Solution To Uncomfortable Shoes

Tis the season of holiday parties and little black dresses, and you know that this also means it's a time for sacrificing comfort for fashion with some of the sexiest shoes. But while you suffer for style, it doesn't mean that you need to walk home in your bare feet at the end of the night like you're doing the walk of shame. There are portable flats designed for convenience that are perfect for the season (and as stocking stuffers to prepare for New Year's Eve outings)!

There are a few different choices available to help you avoid suffering for fashion...at least by the end of the night when it comes time to make the trek home. Each and every woman has had a party night end that has ended on the dance floor or the sidewalk in bare feet, so at least now there are simple solutions. Since clearly your fashionable little handbag won't fit a whole other set of regular shoes, there are some brands that have made simple to stash ballet slippers, designed with a night out in style in mind!

#1 Portable Party Flats - Footzy Rolls

Footzy Rolls were one of the first brands to jump on the portable party flat trend. They come in funky metallic colors and roll right up. They come with their own little bag as well so you don't need to worry about sticking worn shoes in with your lipstick.(Buy Footzy Rolls here.)

#2 Portable Party Flats - Rollasole Ballet Flat

Rollasoles tagline perfectly describes just what these shoes are designed for. They say "keep your feet on the ground and your eyes are on the stars:" At the end of the night, after a few glasses of merlot, it's a perfect motto and the shoes can help you with that. Of course, a few too many glasses and it may not matter what's on your feet in terms of your coordination, but still doesn't hurt! (Buy Rollasole here.)

#3 Portable Party Flats - Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flat

The Sidekicks version of the portable party flats are gold and glamorous and sure to go with any holiday outfit! These come with a funky little pencil case like holder to stick them in that you could even carry as a clutch if you're feeling adventurous! (Buy Sidekicks here.)

#4 Portable Party Flats - Dr. Scholls Fast Flats

These flats are the most practical out of the bunch coming from Dr. Scholls. They're more affordable, but you don't get the cute little carrier bag from the other brands, so it's up to you to decide what you want out of your portable party flats. (Buy Fastflats here.)

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