Bacon Lovers Rejoice! - WowBacon Cooks Crispy, Less Greasy Strips


Most breakfast tables include a pitcher of juice.  Imagine for a second though, grabbing what you think is the juice jug only to find that it is actually filled with bacon.  Okay…I guess it’s not a bacon pitcher exactly, but the WowBacon microwave bacon cooker sure looks like one!



In truth, it is meant to be a healthier way to cook your bacon.  The system comes with the outside container, lid and a rack insert.  Pieces of bacon are laid over each section of the rack with the fattiest end at the bottom and then the lid is attached and the whole thing is lowered back into the container.  The container is then nuked for a couple of minutes and – voila, less greasy bacon!



The makers say that the strips come out extra crispy because the fat runs down them during the cooking process.  The excess fat collects in the bottom of the cup to be disposed of when you are done cooking.  There should be no splatters because the bacon is completely enclosed while cooking.  Now you really can cook bacon in the nude if that is your thing!  You can buy the WowBacon here




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