Bacon USB Flash Drives Make Memory More Meaty

Feast your eyes... just don't byte 'em!Feast your eyes... just don't byte 'em!
These meaty Bacon customized USB flash drives cater to those who believe that anything "bacon" just can't be bad. Mmm, bacon...

Bacon - the smoky, fatty, traditional pork-based breakfast favorite has emerged as one of the Internet's most memorable memes. If it's bacon, it can't be bad - and the more bizarre it be, the better. No matter that 99 percent of those who enjoy "bacon-wrapped (insert disturbingly incongruous food here)" on their screens will never touch, taste or smell the object of their affection... just thinking of bacon is more than good enough.

With that in mind, feast your hungering eyes on these bacon-ated personalized USB drives. Now it goes without saying that even if you buy one, the best you can do is look and touch - these custom thumb drives neither smell nor taste like bacon. Or thumbs, for that matter. But does it matter? Of course not... they're bacon USB drives! We'll begin with the curiously named USB Flash Disk (disk?) from China's Shenzhen City Hanbo Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The website doesn't give out much technical info on the rather thick, porky, personalised USB drive. Not even the price and memory capacity are mentioned - for that, you'll have to send a contact email to Hanbo. They do, however, tout the "Vogue design, give out light the advertisement U dish, metals outer shell, Christmas gift." Um, yeah! And it looks like bacon!

Next we have the USB BBQ Flash Drive from Hong Kong's Brando, makers of USB, er, well USB pretty much anything. Brando's Bacon custom thumb drives come in a 4GB capacitiy and cost $28 plus shipping. These drives look more lifelike than Hanbo's, especially when artfully displayed along with a heapin' helpin' of Chicken Wing custom memory sticks. Sez Brando, "don't chew it, don't ever put them in your mouth. Keep them away from your kids or they'll swallow!"

Actually, that warning could be applied to actual food from China these days, what with the melamine thing and all. As tasty as they look, maybe it's just as well you CAN'T "byte" them.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For food fans, a turkey leg USB and a hamburger USB are now available in the U.S. here along with a large variety of other food USBs.

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