Bad Ass Black Leather Bandages

For some people style is everything -- even when they get a little hurt. So these people can now buy leather bandages to cover their boo-boos. In basic black they will go with everything, that's true -- and that tough look will make that Black Leather BandagesBlack Leather Bandagespaper cut seem more like you were out kicking butt. It is totally bad ass, totally cool, totally Goth, and, well, kind of strange.

These are bandages that you aren't going to see at your doctor's office for after your tetanus shot. There you are still more likely to get Dora the Explorer or Bugs Bunny. Most of us don't give it a single thought and just muddle through with the standard white-guy flesh-colored bandages we have used all our lives.

Black Leather BandagesBlack Leather BandagesSomeone has apparently decided that it is time for even our cuts and scrapes to make a fashion statement. Okay -- why not? If you've got the money to dish out for a $5 bandage, go for it.

Perhaps I wax a bit cynical. I don't begrudge anyone spending the money if they have it, but I do see some drawbacks here. It's just that when I have a cut or scrape bad enough to require a bandage I seem to be changing them several times a day. Any time I get it wet --- showering, doing dishes, watering the garden, you know the sorts of things I mean. So that could really add up.

For a special occasion they could be just the thing. Like a trip to Sturgis, South Dakota for the Harley Davidson rally. Or yoLuis Vuitton Leather BandagesLuis Vuitton Leather Bandagesur tattoo artist's wedding. Or your daughter's Goth sweet sixteen party. Okay, I jest.

If they can make novelty bandages for little kids, why not for adults. After all, we like to have fun too. It doesn't just have to be black leather, either. They also come in a stylish Luis Vuitton design so that ladies can coordinate with their handbags. 

Even sellers of this unusual product have a bit of fun with it by calling it "hurt couture." According to another seller it is a way to bleed in fashion so that you don't bleed ON your fashions.

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