Bad Times Bootcamp: Where The Unemployed Recover Financial Collapse With A Good Workout!

With the financial crisis we're experiencing in North America and around the world, there's been an uprising of businesses and services catering to the unemployed. After losing his job, an entrepreneurial-minded gentleman and Dubai decided it's time to get the unemployed of the couch to increase their productivity, improve their health, and give them a chance to network.

Bad Times Bootcamp is all about fitness. Dubai's economic victims are invited to meet on a local beach every Sunday to work out; encouraging them to stop wallowing in their pint of ice cream by lifting their spirits through physical fitness. The concept of Bad Times Bootcamp is to motivate the unemployed, give them a reason to get themselves out there and create opportunity to network and enable business opportunity.

With Bad Times Bootcamp, you may have lost your job, but you don't need to lose your figure!

Via: Zeitgeist