Bagir Suits No Ordinary Suits: Green Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The Bagir Company, in Kiryat Gat Israel, has done it again and created another eco-friendly suit for men. The new suit, called "EcoGIR Recycled", is ready to go on the market for Father's day. For about $200 a suit, you can buy Dad a professional looking EcoGIR recycled suit at Sears.

That's right Bagir and Sears have joined forces. Starting Father's day Bagir and Sears will be selling EcoGir Recycled at Sears. EcoGir Recycled is made from wool and recycled PET plastic bottles collected in Japan. It takes about 30 recycled plastic bottles to make the suit. In addition EcoGir Recycled will be the first suit in the world to carry a carbon footprint label.

Bagir is known for inventing the IPod suit and the machine wash and dry suit (available through Marks and Spencer in the UK). To reduce the toxic chemicals like perchloroethylene known as "perc" (commonly used in dry cleaning) from ending up in our drinking water Bagir invented the world's first machine washable suit. The suit is available Marks and Spencer.

What is the benefit of a suit like this? There is no longer a need to drive to the dry cleaners (saves gas) and wait (saves time) until the next day or so to pick it up then pay a bundle for the service (saves money) that uses dangerous chemicals to clean the clothing that end up in our water (helps the environment).

Bagir has also considered implementing an ‘EcoGir Closed Loop' voluntary return program for its old polyester tailored clothing. Consumers will be given the opportunity to send their old polyester tailored clothing back to Bagir. Bagir will then recycle them into a new polyester fiber. This is thought to first system of its kind in place for formal-wear.

Though the company doesn't consider itself an environmentalist it has taken many steps to reduce its carbon footprint. For example instead of shipping it merchandise by air they ship by sea. Their goals are also to create clothing that has the least impact on the earth as well as other products that help reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Their next goal is to make their whole company green

If your dad doesn't like the idea of wearing a suit made from recycled plastic Bagir has a line of organic cotton blend suits to pick from. The lining of these suits is made from bamboo and the buttons on the suits are made from ecologically harvested Tagua palm tree seeds.

So, this Father's day help you dad live a little greener every time he wears a suit.

For more information on Bagir and where you can purchase their clothing visit Bagir.

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Plan ahead to give a good gift and save money

Because of my tight money situation this year I have been planning for father's day since 2 months, daily checking out bargain hunting websites (like, Dealtme) to buy the perfect gift at half price. Ofcrouse dad doesn't need to know!