Bailout Your Sleep Debt with Yawnlog

If you work a regular day job like most of us, then you probably find yourself complaining about how tired you are on some kind of normal basis.  Lucky for you, YawnLog is here to help you catch up on some much-deserved shut eye by tracking your sleeping patterns with a simple calendar-based formula.  It's kinda like Twitter, but for catching Z's instead of micro-blogging about Obama's Congressional Address.

The site is simple.  After you sign up for an account, you go back as many days as you can remember and create entries for how your sleep was on each night, how long it was, the quality of the rest, and any special notes (like it was your brother's bachelor party in Las Vegas and you didn't get to bed until the following afternoon for obvious reasons).

After each sleep post, YawnLog will analyze what you tell them by creating an easy-to-read chart that shows you your sleeping patterns in terms of quantity of time, current average of hours per day, and your average sleep debt.  You can set different amounts of sleep to calculate these figures to, but the default is a healthy 8-hour night's rest.

The site also features a blog that's all about getting your rest in and how it's important to your health.  You can also make friends around the world who are just as concerned about how their sleep is affecting them.  Making friends with people in different time zones is kind of an interesting way to see how your sleeping patterns stack up against other people who may be sleeping while you're getting up, but you would hope that your friends won't be messaging you too much while you're trying to pay off your sleep debt!

To be fair, this article can't really be called a true "review" until a few weeks from now.  I've personally just started using the service, but it's definitely one that's unique enough to share with the faithful audience here at InventorSpot.  So let's make a deal:  At the end of March, we'll do a recap of everyone's sleeping patterns, and we'll see if YawnLog will be able to help us all sleep off our deprivation.  Respond in the comments below to get in on the action sleep, and let the slumber begin!

Mar 3, 2009
by Anonymous

You get girls here?

Hey Austin,
This is Huma. The above comment is hilarious lol. I saw your website posted in your gmail status and thought I would support my fellow torch member with a little feedback. I am also concerned about my sleep pattern. No matter how much I sleep, I still feel like I lack it. I think that Yawnlog is pretty helpful for people who have the same problem as I do. It can determine the best sleep pattern for you and help you get enough sleep and stay active! Okay, I am just rambling on. I am going to try this Yawnlog thing now. Don't disappoint Sunia! lol

Mar 4, 2009
by Austin Keenan
Austin Keenan's picture

 thanks huma, i'm glad to

 thanks huma, i'm glad to see you like the article.  i'll see you back at the office ;)

Austin Keenan
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