Bake And Serve; The Cake Is Pre-Cut!

Everything's going the way of customization, even cake pans! Here's a cake mold that can accommodate any size guest with small to extra large appetites.

Now you can get the S-XL Silicon Cake Form with slices small to extra-large, pre-cut. This is clever for two reasons; 1) you don't have to cut the cake yourself and make a mess of things, and 2) no one will complain (just dare them!) that you gave her too large a slice, because she chose her own slice.

If it helps, you can even make suggestions by placing drawing around the cake of thin people and fat people, as shown below...



Here's what the S-XL Silicon Cake Form looks like... Diameter is 11.8" by 2.4" high, so it's shorter than a bundt cake pan.



The S-XL Silicon Cake Form makes 15 odd-sized, but evenly cut, slices of your favorite cake. It even makes some slices shorter than the others. There's a slice that's obviously for a short fat person, for example.

Aside from having fun in the kitchen and at the desert table, you should end up with less food waste. I just hate to see leftover chocolate cake on a guest's plate when I could have saved it for tomorrow's breakfast.

The S-XL Silicon Cake Form is available from Vessel.


Konstantin via