Balance Blox Slackline, Great For Balancing Confidence and Happiness

Slacklining is becoming more popular every summer. You may have seen them at the park—the college kids, hipsters and yogis exercising and performing stunts several feet off of the ground while on a two inch wide nylon line anchored between two trees. I watch in awe and roll my eyes a bit at the people who have the time, strength, and coordination to make playing on a skinny, moving platform look easy. But these fit adults seem confident and happy, two qualities I want my children to always have.

The company Slackers makes plenty of slackline kits for big kids and adults, and they now make a slackline kit for kids as young as three. The Balance Blox Slackline System will give your child the thrill of a high wire circus act and the coolness of the hipsters at the park with their very own pint-sized slackline. Not to worry, they’re only four inches off of the ground.

Slackers makes it easy for kids as young as three years old and up to 125 pounds to start practicing their slacklining skills indoors or out. The Balance Blox kit includes two non-stick Blox, a five foot slackline, a steel bar to keep it all in place, and the parts and tools needed for quick assembly. The materials are sturdy, safe, and lightweight enough to move from one room to another. The Balance Blox kit builds confidence, gross motor skills, and love of exercise at an early age as your child enjoys the challenge of getting from one end to the other.

Once your child gets the hang of walking, running, or jumping from one end to the other, you can add on to your Balance Blox with an add-on kit of one extra block and slackline. Or you can buy the Balance Quad Blox Kit, which comes with four Blox, four lines, and four poles. More Blox and lines mean more shapes, obstacle courses, and adventure.

Balance Blox won an Astra Best Toy of the Year Award and two Dr. Toy’s Awards, one for being a best Active Toy of the Year and one for being an overall Best Toy of the Year.

You can have the confidence that your child is playing on a quality toy while they are building confidence and strengthening motor skills and body control. And if your child falls while trying to get from point A to point B, the fall is significant enough to keep them motivated, but not big enough to hurt their bodies, just their pride. If only all challenges could have the same results.

Balance Blox is perfect for indoor play on cold or rainy days and just as much fun outside. Keep your child busy and get them slacklining early. Those confident and happy yogis at the park must be onto something. Let your child try their balance on Balance Blox to see if those slackliner qualities breed at an early age.

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