The Soup And Sandwich Tray Helps You Keep Balanced


Soup and sandwich combos are perfect for fall and winter.  They make great lunches and quick, comforting dinners.  Sometimes you get home from a long day at work; you are starving and freezing cold.  There is nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup and a toasty sandwich to make you feel relaxed.  Eating your calming combo is even better if you snuggle in under a blanket to watch a movie or sit in front of the fireplace.

Of course, the relaxation factor is over the moment your bowl slides off your plate and lands in your lap.  Carrying and holding the two serving pieces is a delicate balancing act.  The Soup and Sandwich Tray takes care of this little problem and helps ensure that all of your soothing meal ends up where it belongs – in your stomach. 

There is nothing fancy looking about the Soup and Sandwich Tray; it is all function, but the function it performs is very handy.  The bowl fits snugly in the soup side while the other end of the tray has a sandwich sized indentation.  Each set comes with two trays and two bowls so that you can share the comfort food experience.  You can pick up a set here.  

Source:  Uncommon Goods

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