Bald Babies Now With Bangs

This is a whole different kind of big bang theory. As a nation we are obsessed with hair -- and phobic about being bald. So now even the natural youthful baldness of babies is starting to get a cover-up with Baby Bangs. Much as Baby BangsBaby BangsI hate to admit it, they are pretty damn cute. I look at it as just being a new breed of baby bonnet that don't tie under the chin.

Since the tiny hairpieces are attached to baby's head with a band of lace or flower they probably aren't the best accessory for little boys unless you don't mind them being mistaken for girls. There doesn't seem to be a more masculine option for junior he-men. The product is made just for little girls.

The wigs come in a number of different colors and styles of manmade hair. They are worn the same way that regular headbands are worn. The company's website says that they are safe to wear and there are no Baby BangsBaby Bangstroublesome metal pieces involved. The hairpieces are said to be comfortable against baby's sensitive skin and that the tots will barely notice that there is anything on their heads. That part I am not so sure of since I find wigs terribly uncomfortable, so you will have to decide for yourselves.

If your little darling is bald and a hat just won't do, this could be your answer.

Sources: Incredible Things, Baby Bangs

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