Bamboo Bicycles By Organic Bikes

I can understand using sustainable bamboo in the construction of homes for eco-friendly value. I can even understand using it in clothes. In fact, the one piece of bamboo clothing that I have--a pair of sport socks--is among the most comfortable things in my entire wardrobe. However, the idea of staring down at a big bamboo top tube as I pedal down a large, pot-hole-riddled hill at 40 mph is a little disconcerting.


Sure, bamboo is already shaped like a bike tube, but I'd have thought that's as close as the two would ever come. Organic Bikes, a Wisconsin-based eco-friendly bike manufacturer had different ideas, though. While most bike manufacturers and cylists rest easy just knowing that they're helping to replace carbon monoxide- spewing automobiles, Organic has taken it a step further by using everyone's favorite organic wood to make its bikes. According to the company, the bamboo even provides a more comfortable ride than a typical alloy frame. 

The Dylan bamboo bike utilizes "the fastest growing, strongest, and most renewable resource" on the planet for the bulk of the top tube, seat tube and down tube. Organic couldn't quite build the entire bike out of bamboo so it used other green materials like recycled alloy for parts like the chain stays and frame lugs. What you're left with is not only a veritable eco-orgy, but a pretty nice looking set of wheels. 

The Dylan is available in single- and three-speed commuter varieties that retail for $999 and $1,099 respectively. You can customize the wheel colors, seat, handlebars and other components. Organic has a few more designs in the works that it will be launching at Interbike this fall.

In addition to full bikes, Organic offers a full range of biking accessories including bike bags made from unused Vietnamese fertilizer bags, bamboo/organic cotton T-shirts and 100% biodegradable water bottles.

Organic Bikes via The GearCaster 


Jun 20, 2012
by Anonymous

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