Bamboo Clothing: Innovative and Eco-Friendly

The textile industry is busy exploring newer and more environmentally viable textile options to appeal to a growing market of conscious consumers. I realized this fact when I started looking for fabrics for a friend who is suffering from recurrent body rash. Not only are these new age fabrics innovative, environment friendly, but are also great for the human body for a variety of reasons, (I have put them down further on).

Topping the list of innovations in textile is bamboo clothing.

You read that right.

According to a leading manufacturer of bamboo apparel, bambooclothing , "the Bamboo is crushed and pulped and then its natural cellulose, which contains the bamboo 'kun', is extracted to make fibre. It's this naturally occurring bamboo ‘kun' than has the amazing qualities that we now know bamboo offers for clothing. The process is very much like the way wood is crushed and pulped in the paper making process. The viscose is regenerated into a fibre that's like cotton in appearance. It's then spun into yarn (often mixed with 30% cotton or organic cotton at this stage). From the yarn, it's then knitted (or woven now as well) into fabric."

So now that you know how bamboo becomes ‘bamboo clothing', let me point out a few benefits and inherent qualities of the fabric.

  • Fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable.
  • The fabric absorbs sweat rapidly and doesn't stick to the skin. It has high natural breathability keeping you comfortable and dry for longer.
  • Bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold. Natural ‘air conditioned clothing.'
  • Bamboo is antibacterial, forever. By killing almost all bacteria, bamboo stays fresher and odor free for longer, is more hygienic and healthier.
  • Bamboo clothing is also anti static, so it sits very well next to your skin, not clinging to it.
  • It is UV protective (it cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays).
  • Bamboo fabric is anti fungal.
  • The fabric has been found to show no drop off in its antibacterial nature even after 50 washes.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? I read all of that on various websites like fashionorganic , organicbambooclothing , and bamboosa .

Go check it out.

I hope to bring you more innovations in textile manufacturing, so keep watching this space.

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Apr 16, 2008
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