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Is it me or does it seem there are more bicyclists and motorcyclists on the road these days?

I don't blame people if they are switching to cheaper means of transportations when considering the price of gasoline today. Still there something I wish to say to many of two wheel riders on the road today, "Put on your $^%@*^&! helmet. Please!" Forget the bad hair. Helmets save lives. Enough preaching though, check this out. There is an innovative eco-friendly helmet for riders to wear made of bamboo, called the Roof R06 Helmet.

Most helmets are made from plastic, foams and other not very environmentally friendly materials. The Roof R06 Helmet, from British design team Roof, on the other hand is much more eco-friendly. The helmet shell is made completely of braided bamboo fibers. Inside the helmet there is a breathable cotton lining that allows your scalp to breath.

To keep the helmet securely in place (on your head) there is a push button "seat belt" style chinstrap. In addition the helmet has a fully rotating bi-focal tinted visor protect your eyes from harsh weather, bright sun, rain, strong winds, etc. I've read nothing to suggest that there is anything available to protect the face, but the way I see it some helmet is better than no helmet.

If you're worried about the safety requirements of the helmet rest assured that the helmet has passed the E22-05 safety requirements needed in Europe for use on the roads. Unfortunately the helmets aren't inexpensive, but if you live in the UK you at least get free delivery when you order one of these helmets. Besides don't you think your life and your environment are worth it. So, if you own a bike or know someone that owns a bike know that when you are searching for a helmet to buy the Roof R06 is an option an eco-friendly option to consider.

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Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous



Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous

a lot of people

don't bother with helmets. I need a new one but I don't want this one sorry!