Juicing For Tsū Dollars At BambuCycles

If you’re one of the 3.5 million users who have flocked to the Tsu social network over the course of the last six months, you’re aware of its unique monetization model, where users benefit from its advertising revenue [90% split amongst all members based on the popularity of their content]. And you’re probably also aware that their peer-to-peer payment feature allows users to transfer payments amongst themselves or in the form of donations to charities.

Merchant Open for Business

However, what you’re probably unaware is that of recent date, the system can also be used commercially to accept balance transfers as payments for products and/or services. On April 22, a Denver cycling/juice shop called BambuCycles announced it would accept Tsu dollars from patrons purchasing juice at their establishment.

Evolving Organically

Tsu hasn't solicited this type of engagement from any members yet according to founder and CEO Sebastian Sobczak, but they're exploring ways to make it easier now that it's developing organically. The company always believed a merchant ecosystem would eventually become a key component of the profitability puzzle. This counter-market inevitability appears to boil down to pure economics, and definitely one step beyond the social media engagements we've been exposed to over the last decade.

New Model surpasses what went before . . .

Ripped from the pages of 'Tsuthsayers in the Land of Tsu'Ripped from the pages of 'Tsuthsayers in the Land of Tsu'Since Tsu pays it users in the form of royalties for their content daily [with withdrawals available after a user's bank totals $100] early adopters and newcomers were drawn to the network much quicker than the adoption rate of even Facebook, some 11 years ago. The attraction was based not only on this monetary incentive, but also the recognition that members received for posting quality content.

Facebook, on the other hand is making billions selling ads against their users’ content, where their model  — like most of the other social networks that have gone before — does not share revenues or acknowledge their users’ efforts.

Merchant & Customer (friends on Tsu)

In interviewing Angel Cruz, owner and proprietor of BambuCycles today, he indicated while it was wife that first alerted him to the new social network Tsu, it was one of his customers DJ Chonz who put him savvy as to how to benefit from Tsu’s unique monetization platform. Chonz is the afternoon drive host and mixer for KQKS  and KS-107.5 in Denver whose popularity on the network has provided him with over 61K followers, in a little over 6 months.

While currently BambuCycles’ only customer, Angel is confident others will follow. “We’ve probably received a total of $60 thru Tsu transfers to date, but plan on ordering some lower price items to sell, such as stickers that are easier for Tsu users who wish to support our business but don’t have enough Tsu money to do so yet,” says Cruz.

Payment Platforms, the new Frontier

Very similar in methodology to Paypal and something Sobczak has said he aspires to, the path is wide open for another peer-to-peer payment platform to enter the space. Paypal alone has attracted over 161.4 million consumers that pay for goods and services with just the click of a button.

These payments resulted in over 64 billion dollars worth of sales and purchases by consumers during the 4th quarter of 2014. From these sales, Pay-Pal earned 2.3% per transaction, which totaled 7.9 billion dollars of revenue during the same time period.

According to fellow Tsu user BW Daugherty, “Pay-Pal only allows a user to load money onto its platform – not generate it. This is a huge difference. Just try to imagine how Tsu’s platform will bring about the creation of new opportunities for not just its users, but businesses all around the world to sell their goods and services online.”

Tsu Dollar$Sebastian SobczakSebastian Sobczak

In speaking to the founder today, he reinforced the organic mechanism at work here and how Tsu dollars are being used for purposes ‘outside’ the ecosystem. “It’s very exciting since BambuCycles has no goods to sell online (so instead) those purchasing their products with Tsu dollars has turned their content and (our) social network into a currency — this is really next-level thinking,” noted Sobczak.

As far as other folks taking this commercial path, “we have numerous artists, merchants, pendant makers, in addition to musicians like @Meresha, artists like @Adogaday and authors like @KevinHinkle that sells their music, art and books.”

“In fact @Meresha promoted, debuted and sold her latest EP — that was only available on Tsu.”Ripped from the pages of 'Tsuthsayers in the Land of Tsu'Ripped from the pages of 'Tsuthsayers in the Land of Tsu'

“Eventually we will have a ‘verified retailer button’ for these types of retailers and commercial exchange - but for offline retailers, it is not necessary, since the customer at point-of-sale (POS) is telling you they can transfer Tsu funds, and the merchant can see the transaction immediately on the site," adds Sobczak.

Ever-evolving, Tsu is a social platform, which has not only introduced a new type of social networking, they're now the front-runner for a lot of clones that are trying to replicate the formula. To date however, Tsu looks like its gained sufficient ground to leave those also-rans in cyberspace dust — with 3.5 million creative types helping it scale quicker and more expeditiously daily!

May 1, 2015
by Anonymous

As a new user (we like the

As a new user (we like the hashtag #tsunoobie) I have found the website to be extremely easy to use. The format, with clean lines and uncluttered pages, makes finding information and like-minded users simple. Both the web browser format and the mobile app have proven to be intuitive with all of the relevant tasks at hand. While there are few users that expect to get rich over night, having recognition for contributing to a social community(one who's foundation is built on the exchange of ideas and growing real conversations) is certainly a huge step that I consider to be priceless. www.tsu.co/harryyale